Investing Now vs Later

The stock market is kindest to those who stay faithful to it longest. To see this, consider investors Jack, Jill and Joey.

Jack starts investing $200 per month when he's 25. By age 65, his portfolio is worth more than $520,000.

Jill doesn't start investing until age 35. She also contributes $200 per month, but by 65, her portfolio is only worth about $245,000.

By waiting ten years to start, she ends up with less than half what Jack accumulates.

Joey, the late bloomer, starts investing $200 per month when he's 45 and after 20 years has only $100,000.

Different Life Stages

What’s right for your money now won’t necessarily be so in the future. We are here to help you plan for every stage. 

Ages and Stages

Post-Secondary and Early Career Years

Family and Career Building Years

The Pre-Retirement Years

Early Retirement Years

Later Retirement Years

Protect your Principal

& Generational Transfer 

There is an investment product that is creditor protected, by passes your estate ,grows tax free and your principal is 100% protected.