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IBC - Infinite Banking Concept

You may have heard of Infinite Banking through a friend or an advertisement. The concept is gaining some serious traction. Why is that? In the past, we did the same thing with our money as we told you to do with yours. We gained when you gained, and we lost when you lost.


We learned a better way, the Infinite Banking way. It's became a moral obligation to share it with you.

“If you don’t know you have a problem, how much time are you going to spend looking for a solution?”


Scott Cordier – Chairman, IBCanada Group

So what are the Problems you don't know you have?

No Access to High Secure Guaranteed Returns Now! 
No Access to the Secrets to Easily Manage Your Money Now!
No Access to Better Financing Options!  Financing outside your household is costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime!
No Access to the Secrets giving you Better Control of Your Money!
No Access to the Secrets to Stop Contributing to Inflation!
No Access to the Secrets on How to Gain Access To No Credit Check and Invasive-Free Borrowing!
No Access to Tax-Free Financial Gains and Tax-Free Passive Income!
No Access to other Secrets: How to Get No Hidden Fees or Penalties, How to Get Asset Privacy, How to Get Creditor Protection on Assets, How to Get Easy and Quick Tax-Free Transfer of Assets on Death Today!

What's the Solution?

It is easier than you think. How to become your own banker is the solution! It can be done, and done easily!  It is the solution to every problem listed above!

Our platform, IBC® (Infinite Banking Concept®), is an easy-to-manage privatized banking solution.  Not only is it the only way to become your own banker, it includes competitive consistent guaranteed returns and no market volatility with locked-in gains! It also provides creditor protection, and no hidden fees or penalties. Plus, its highest risk-adjusted returns provide the only way to recover lost money – lost money is the money you lose to lenders and when you withdraw.
With no invasive credit checks for guaranteed preferred-rate borrowing, that does not contribute to inflation (doing business with banks does), protected returns, and privacy assured, it’s no wonder IBC® is the go-to choice for those seeking control and a safe asset with no risk. And with easy and quick transfer on death, your loved ones will have peace of mind too. Join us today and experience the best in asset efficiency and return play.



The Infinite Banking Concept did not create anything that did not already exist. The answer was always there, hiding in plain sight. 

Eliminate OutsideDebt

Transfer outside debt to a policy you own and control.

Tax-Free Passive Income

Collateralize your cash values for a 3rd party loan where the funds are received tax-free.

Self-Finance Purchases

Use your Infinite Banking policy to finance your vehicles, home, investments, and more.

Tax-Free Death Benefit

All life insurance death benefits are tax-free in Canada.

Ready to take a closer look?

Open your mind to an uncommon solution that can change your life and your families life for generations.

We Work With the Very Best

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