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The advisors at Latitude Wealth are empowered with the best-in-class strategies, tools, experience, and knowledge to provide your organization with unparalleled business solutions that support your vision, goals, and growth. We have partnered with companies you know and trust to offer a variety of products and services to protect your employees, your leadership, and your operations.

Engage the team at Latitude Wealth to incorporate smart and thoughtful processes that inspire confidence, build wealth, and create success.


Latitude Wealth combines an in-depth understanding of the insurance industry, extensive experience in the financial services industry, and with PPI solutions to provide innovative and savvy strategies for businesses. Our team can provide guidance and aid in the execution of:

  • Buy/Sell  Agreements

  • Keyman Protection

  • Initial Funding Agreements (IFA)

  • Corporate Retirement Solutions

  • Corporate Estate Transfers 

The team at LW has years of experience implementing insurance strategies to safeguard operations of any-sized businesses in a variety of industries. Our solutions will:

  • Protect loss of income due to death of a key employee

  • Cover business loans and debt

  • Provide liquidity

  • Create tax strategies to protect owners and their beneficiaries

We are positioned to work in collaboration with your legal and accounting associates or provide access to our key partners to ensure that your operational solutions are robust and effective. Engaging with Latitude Wealth to safeguard your business means you can rest assured that the hard work and time you have invested in your business will be protected.



The team at LW has the strategies to design a comprehensive Group Benefits Plan to meet the unique needs and requirements of your workforce. A customized benefits program can provide immense value for employers. Consider this:

  • Health benefits plans maintain productivity and workflow. Support staff and their families with preventative care and wellness services to minimize absence due to illness.

  • Group benefits foster morale and inspire loyalty. Employees who feel that their employers value their health and well-being are motivated to work harder, perform better,  and stay longer with your organization.

  • Companies that offer benefit programs attract top talent. In today’s competitive job market, appealing benefit programs can help your company recruit the most skilled and talented professionals in the industry.

  • Benefits can be tax-free. Employee contributions are not taxed and employer contributions may be tax-deductible.

Consult with our team at Latitude Wealth to explore the advantages of a Group Benefit Plan for your employees and your business.

Retirement Solutions For Your Workforce

Implementing Group Retirement and Savings programs for your workforce is beneficial to your employees and your organization. Latitude Wealth can help you assess the needs of your staff, design a bespoke retirement plan strategy, and administer the program for you. Consider this: 

  • Retirement and savings programs are an attractive benefit to current and potential employees. Like group health benefits, when you offer retirement and savings solutions to your workforce, you attract the best of the best and foster a culture of mutual respect within your company.

  • Group RRSP and TFSA programs are easy. Because these programs are less regulated than traditional pension plans, they are easy to create, implement, and even suspend. And administrative maintenance and ongoing paperwork are minimal and easy to manage.

  • Flexibility is built-in. The very nature of RRSPs and TSFAs allows employees to access funds as first-time home buyers or under the Lifelong Learning program.

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